My Story

I can't believe I have been on this journey for almost 5 years!! Thank you for visiting my site!! I am best described as a laid back person, with a slight OCD streak. I am a busy SAHM to my 11 year old daughter, Marissa, who is the light of my life.  I also started and organize a Bunco group with some of my girlfriends, which has recently turned into a monthly GNO.  I'm also a substitute TA for the local district, as well as a Travel Agent. So what in the world would posses me to start my own business and add yet another thing to my ridiculously hectic life?!

Let me tell you why! My stepmom gave my daughter one of the Scentsy Buddies as a gift, knowing she loved elephants.   I was impressed by the long lasting fragrance, but didn't think much else of it. Then my friend Eva started raving about Scentsy and her new "job" selling it.  I started researching the company and fell in love with the concept of the wickless, flameless candles!  The warmers came in different styles and sizes that could suit any home, office, or business. Knowing that this could easily sell itself, I signed up without yet owning anything, but the one Scentsy Buddy!  

So, I joined in September of 2012 and it has been a whirlwind of a ride!  I started out with the mentality of giving it a shot, and seeing where I could go!  In my first 5 months, I accomplished more that I ever dreamt possible.  Every time I set what I thought was an impossible goal, I have achieved that goal, and gone on to set an even bigger and better one!  

I earned my first Incentive trip in just 5 months with Scentsy, have already been top in Sales in my Group of 50 AND my Team of 180, achieved Lifetime PRV of $45,000 and moved up to Star Consultant.  

I invite you to join me on my journey and I'd love to help you plan your next Scentsy party or better yet, assist you in making a career change that could very possibly change your life!


Your Independent Scentsy Star Consultant

Jen Gilliland